In a world of constant evolution, brands need to adapt not just to market trends, but also to the values and missions they represent. Aware of the importance of reflecting such values in an organization's visual communication, Lava embraced a challenging and inspiring project: the development of the new brand for the VIRA Association.

The VIRA Association (Valorize, Insert, Empower, and Learn), located on the island of Pico, has the mission to support people with disabilities and/or at risk of social exclusion. Since its re-foundation in 2020 (VIRA originates from an extinct associative delegation with the same mission), it has worked tirelessly to fulfill its purposes, offering various projects and activities aimed at inclusion and the valorization of all individuals in the community. In 2023, the association was established as an IPSS (Private Institution of Social Solidarity), reinforcing its commitment and importance in the region's social fabric.

The Rebranding Project

Understanding the importance of VIRA in the local and regional context, Lava offered its services to develop a new visual identity for the association, as part of a social awareness initiative. This project was not only an act of solidarity but also a recognition of the vital role the association plays in the community.

VIRA's new logo is a visual manifestation of its core values: learn, include, insert, and valorize. Inspired by the deconstruction of geometric shapes and the inclusion represented by their different forms, the design transcends appearance, incorporating an almost subliminal "=" symbol, highlighting equality and valorization. The chosen colors - red, blue, yellow, green, and bronze - not only create a vibrant and welcoming visual but also symbolize diversity and inclusion, essential elements to VIRA's mission.

Logo of the VIRA Association highlighting inclusion and learning through fitting pieces, representing the mission of the association on the island of Pico, Azores, to support social inclusion and the appreciation of individuals with disabilities
The creative process behind the VIRA Association logo illustrates how equality and appreciation are integrated into the design through simple geometric shapes and meaningful colors.
Detail of the construction of the VIRA Association logo, using a design grid to ensure balance and precision, reflecting the brand and design strategy of the Lava dos Açores agency.
Variations of the VIRA Association logo in horizontal and vertical formats, highlighting the brand's versatility and its adaptation to different visual and digital contexts, an example of Lava's branding work.
Variety of Config Rounded fonts used in the visual identity of Associação VIRA, showing diversity in weight and style, an integral part of the brand identity developed by Lava.
The vivid color palette of the VIRA Association logo, with Pantone and RGB codes, reflects the inclusion and diversity valued by the association and incorporated into the design by the creative agency Lava.
Practical application of the VIRA Association logo on corporate stationery, including business cards and envelopes, demonstrating the reach of the brand and the care in design provided by Lava

The Mission Continues

VIRA continues to develop and implement meaningful projects, such as the Technical Aids Bank, the Socio-environmental Store "VIRA Sustainable," the Volunteer Bank, and labor inclusion initiatives through the "Include +" program supported by the RAA. These projects reflect the association's commitment to sustainability, solidarity, and social and labor inclusion.

The Social Support, Follow-up, and Rehabilitation Center for People with Disabilities and Incapacity (CAARPD) and the dynamization of the INCLUI+ project are examples of the association's constant evolution, always seeking to meet the needs of the community it is part of.

An Invitation to the Community

This rebranding project, more than a visual change, is an invitation to the community to recognize and support the vital work carried out by the VIRA Association. The new brand symbolizes a new chapter in the association's history, reinforcing its mission and values at the heart of the community.

Lava is proud to have contributed to this important step in VIRA's journey and invites everyone to get to know and support the association. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of many, promoting inclusion and valorizing each individual in our community.

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