Azores employment portal

The employment portal of the Autonomous Region of the Azores, by the Regional Directorate of Professional Qualification and Employment, aims to formulate and implement qualification, training, employment and work policies on the Azores islands. On the portal, you will find the missing link between citizens and entities, with the aim of finding effective solutions and measures for the qualification and promotion of the employability of Azoreans and increasing the competitiveness of companies, thereby contributing to the economic and social development of the Azores. This is a space where every step towards professional success is supported by innovative tools and a vast selection of opportunities.

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The Azores employment platform focused on overcoming recruitment barriers on the islands, establishing a portal that simplified the connection between local companies and available citizens and talent, promoting productive harmony in the Azorean labor market ecosystem.


The digital platform, created by us, represents a revolution in the way citizens and entities in the Azores interact. With an intuitive interface and features thought out in detail, we offer an effective response tailored to the needs and demands of the island labor market.

Requirements Analysis

We started this project with an in-depth study of the client's desires and expectations and the various types of users of the portal, which enabled us to develop a platform whose functionalities are truly aligned with the employment and professional qualification needs in the Azores, both for citizens seeking employment and for employers.


Design System

Our design system was meticulously crafted to reflect the client's needs and the identity of the Azores islands. We prioritized clarity and ease of navigation to ensure a pleasant visual and user experience for all other users of the platform.



Mockups detail the user's journey through the platform, from initial research to actual application, ensuring that the user experience is not only intuitive but also representative of the innovative features we provide.