Peter Café Sport

Located in the heart of the city of Horta on the island of Faial, Azores, Peter Café Sport, an establishment rooted in more than a hundred years of history, goes beyond the traditional definition of coffee, transforming itself into a true multifaceted institution – currency exchange, point meeting point for nautical enthusiasts and a source of valuable information. Its distinctive blue façade, complemented by a vibrant orange sign, serves as a beacon for sailors and global explorers, inviting them to discover a universe of authentic experiences, from exciting cetacean sightings to an exclusive tasting of Peter's renowned Gin.

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Peter Café Sport, as a century-old international brand and a historical and cultural landmark of the Azores archipelago and, particularly, of the island of Faial, where its century-old bar is recognized worldwide, especially among yachtsmen, sailors and sailors, was faced with some problems and efficiency and modernization challenges regarding its online presence and communication. Given this panorama, the urgency to rejuvenate its digital presence has become indisputable, aiming not only to expand its global reach, but also to strengthen ties with its loyal clientele, ensuring the preservation of its rich cultural, patrimonial and operational heritage even in times of isolation. Peter Café had an outdated and very reductive website regarding the size and potential of its brand and its very existence. It was necessary to provide the brand with a modern and effective online presence and also to digitize and automate its processes, from booking its tourist activities, sales of its clothing and accessories brand, processing of personal data, marketing and communication.


The mission of catalyzing the digital transformation of Peter Café Sport was entrusted to Lava, tasked with formulating a comprehensive strategy, encompassing the modernization of the website, the implementation of e-commerce solutions and the expansion of its digital presence worldwide. This diversified strategy allowed for a harmonious evolution of the legacy into the digital era, preserving the soul of the brand unscathed.

Design System

A design system was developed that faithfully mirrors the essence and legacy of Peter Café Sport through a color palette that refers to the vastness of the ocean and graphic elements that celebrate maritime heritage. This unified approach guarantees visual cohesion across all digital interfaces, reinforcing and perpetuating the brand's identity in the online universe.



When pioneering Peter Café Sport's digital journey, mockups emerged as a fundamental step, serving as a compass for the website's interactive design. Each mockup was designed not only to enhance usability and aesthetics, but also to evoke the essence of the brand and its historical journey spanning more than a century.

The visual samples provide a glimpse of the harmony between tradition and innovation, inviting the user to navigate an experience that honors the café's maritime past and presents its future vision, whilst maintaining the authenticity and charm that only Peter Café Sport can offer.



Visual content took on a preponderant role in encapsulating and transmitting the soul of coffee. We sought to capture the unmistakable atmosphere of Peter Café Sport, from its gastronomic delights to the richness of its cultural events, ensuring that the vibrant essence of the café was faithfully represented in the digital environment.


A comprehensive digital marketing strategy was implemented, with a special focus on SEO, to boost publicity for the new website. Optimization for search engines was decisive in expanding the café’s reach, significantly increasing its online presence. The use of innovative digital marketing campaigns, including the strategic use of social networks and email marketing, proved to be fundamental in capturing the interest of the global community, motivating visits to the website and promoting e-commerce.