Redcatpig is a brand that embodies innovation and passion for video games and gamification. With a cross-platform game development studio and gamification solutions, Redcatpig has embarked on a bold mission to take gaming fun to a new level.In this case study, we will explore how Lava played an important role in modernizing the brand, with an emphasis on developing its website. This partnership has empowered Redcatpig to enter the industry with a revitalized online presence, allowing it to create immersive experiences that captivate gamers of all ages. This is the story of a brand that is shaping the future of video games and gamification.

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Despite its renowned reputation, Redcatpig faced significant challenges in the digital age. Its website was outdated and had limited functionality, which made it difficult for visitors to find essential information, such as details of the games and services available.Additionally, its presence on social media was insufficient, leading to a decrease in visibility and a loss of promotional opportunities. The need to adopt a more modern and accessible approach for players and customers became clear.


Lava met Redcatpig's challenges with a comprehensive strategy, not only highlighting its flagship game, KEO, but also revitalizing the studio's online presence. We developed two distinct websites: one dedicated exclusively to the Redcatpig studio, presenting its vision, projects, and philosophy of innovation in the world of video games; and another specifically for the KEO game, enriched with high-resolution images and detailed information about this exciting release. In addition, we created a personalized social media strategy, promoting events and sharing engaging images.This two-pronged approach, with a new website for the studio and another for KEO, has strengthened Redcatpig as a destination of choice for video game enthusiasts, positioning KEO as a rising star in the video game industry.

Research & Brainstorming

Inspired by the vibrant video game culture and innovative spirit of Redcatpig, Lava dedicated itself to forging a visual identity that not only reflects but also exalts the brand's uniqueness. With the adoption of dynamic and captivating graphic elements, the design transcends mere visual attraction to become memorable. Each design element is designed to evoke the emotions and narratives inherent in Redcatpig games, creating a rich and immersive visual experience for video game aficionados.



The creation of mockups was fundamental in the design phase of Redcatpig's website, offering a detailed and static preview of the presentation of each page. This crucial step ensures that the creative vision is aligned with the desired functionality and aesthetics, paving the way for fluid and coherent web development.

Mockups serve as essential visual references, defining the layout, graphic design and arrangement of elements, ensuring that the user experience is attractive and functional. They facilitate effective communication between designers and programmers, identify potential design challenges, and provide a clear view of the website project for all parties involved at Redcatpig.