Santo Rock Pico

Discover Santo Rock Pico, more than an establishment, a cultural icon on the island of Pico. This gathering space celebrates great music, delicious food, and a welcoming atmosphere, reflecting rock heritage in every corner.

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Santo Rock Pico, renamed for its vibrant atmosphere, faced digital limitations. With an outdated website and an insufficient online presence, the urgency to modernize its digital communication was realized.


Lava revitalized Santo Rock Pico's digital presence, creating a website and digital menu full of photographs that highlight the culinary offering, accompanied by a social media strategy to promote events and tempting dishes.


The distinctive logo we designed captured the unique essence of the establishment. With this comprehensive approach, Santo Rock Pico is now prepared to thrive in the digital era, satisfying its customers' needs and overcoming the challenges of the current market. The logo not only reflects the establishment's identity, but also symbolizes its ability to evolve and adapt to the digital world, providing an even more enriching experience for its customers.


Design system

We implemented a unified design system that permeates the website, digital menu, and social media, ensuring a coherent visual identity and an integrated brand experience.



We created detailed mockups for the new website, highlighting how design elements would combine to provide an attractive and functional user experience. With this complete approach, Santo Rock Pico is now positioned to thrive in the digital age, meeting the needs of its customers and overcoming the challenges of the current market.

The new website, digital menu, social media presence and a striking logo, with design system and mockups, make it a top destination for music and gastronomy lovers, with delicious dishes that are true stars.



We conduct product photography sessions to capture the delicious presentation of Santo Rock Pico's dishes and drinks, ensuring these images are an attraction in themselves.


The custom Rock Gods illustrations were meticulously created to incorporate the passion for rock music and culture into Santo Rock Pico's identity. These unique representations of rock icons embody the attitude and rebelliousness of the musical genre. With carefully crafted details, the illustrations capture the essence of rock 'n' roll, offering an authentic visual experience for Santo Rock Pico customers.

In addition to design elements, these illustrations are artistic expressions that highlight the musical and cultural heritage celebrated by Santo Rock Pico. Integrated into various aspects, from the website to the bar's decor, they have become an essential part of the establishment's identity, establishing an emotional connection with music and food lovers.


Marketing strategy

We developed a personalized social media strategy for Santo Rock Pico. This included creating eye-catching content and promoting special events, as well as sharing appetizing images of dishes, attracting the attention of food lovers, both locals and visitors to the island.