Web Development

At Lava, whether it's developing systems and management platforms or creating websites or e-commerce, we apply contemporary digital innovation. With a firm pulse on emerging trends, our programmers and designers weave functionality and aesthetics with the most refined technologies on the market.

Our goal is to lead brands to success, providing productivity and operational efficiency. We grow together with our clients with an attentive look to the future and respect for the past.

Web-based applications

We build robust and adaptable web applications that not only respond to the current needs of your business, but also easily adapt to your future growth.

Innovative Websites

We specialize in creating dynamic, optimized and easy-to-manage websites that stand out both for their functionality and attractive design.

Multichannel integration

We integrate several digital channels to offer a cohesive and efficient brand experience, ensuring consistency and ease of management for your online presence.

Mobile apps

We create innovative and responsive mobile applications designed to deliver an exceptional user experience on any mobile device.

E-Commerce solutions

We develop complete e-commerce solutions, providing a safe, efficient and attractive platform to maximize your online sales.

Custom Dev

We customize software solutions that perfectly align with the specifics and unique goals of your business, ensuring a perfect fit with your operational needs.

UI/UX design and Development

We design memorable digital experiences with an intuitive interface and an exceptional user experience, focused on customer engagement and satisfaction

Brand Building

In a world where brands tell stories and create relationships, Lava cultivates identities through emotions and creates connections that tie brands to the hearts of their audience. Our work involves creating and managing a brand’s identity, image, and reputation, establishing emotional connections with consumers.

We grow with our clients and adapt, just as they do in their markets. Our team of creatives is filled with talent in graphic design, communication, social media, and SEO, all united with the purpose of elevating brands to new heights of recognition and engagement.


We shape brands with charisma that weave stories and forge emotional connections, remaining in the consumer's memory.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We ensure that your brand is the main choice in search engines, improving visibility and attracting a qualified audience.

Graphic & Editorial Design

We build visual narratives that capture the essence of your identity, translating values ​​into images that remain.

Social Media Marketing

We strengthen the link between your brand and the online community, encouraging dialogues that resonate and generate loyalty.

Digital Marketing

We extend your brand's reach in the digital space, using strategies that reinforce your presence and encourage audience engagement.

Marketing & Advertising

We launch creative campaigns that not only capture attention but also drive brand recognition and development.


We create content that speaks to the heart and mind, encouraging action and reflecting the spirit of your brand.

Consulting & Strategy

Every client brings a unique challenge, and at Lava, we embrace each new project with enthusiasm and confidence. Our consultancy is not only strategic but also intuitive, aligning study and planning with the instinct of those who know the market.

We chart solid paths to success, avoiding obstacles and minimizing problems. Our legacy is knowledge translated into effective action, assisting our clients in reaching their aspirations with confidence and precision.

Business Strategy

We create tailor-made plans, injecting your company with the strategic vision necessary to navigate the current market.

Desk Research

We study deeply to uncover insights that anticipate market movements and position your company ahead.

Media Planning and Buying

We select the spaces where your message will not only be seen but experienced and remembered.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We extend your brand's reach in the digital space, using strategies that reinforce your presence and encourage audience engagement.

Content Strategy

We develop insightful content strategies aligned with your brand, aiming to capture and engage your target audience.

Printing & Packaging

We bring your packaging to life, which protects and promotes your product, speaking directly to your customers’ senses.

Brand Strategy Development

Your brand personality is sculpted for echo, authenticity, and impact with every interaction.

Website Security

The security of your digital space is a priority. We preserve its integrity with the highest level of protection.

Analytics and Reporting

We decipher metrics to reveal the real impact of your initiatives, guiding future actions with precision.

Training and Support

We offer comprehensive technical support and ongoing training. This service is essential for the growth and operational effectiveness of your business.


Web application
E-commerce website
User Experience & User Interface
Social Media Management
Brands creation
Systems integration
Content creation
Marketing campaigns
Search Engine Optimization
Commercial Decoration

Tools & tech

Project management
Microsoft Teams
Office 365
MySQL Workbench
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
Phalcon Framework
Node JS
React Native
Adobe XD
Vue JS
Nuxt JS
Visual Studio Code

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Any questions?

How does Lava ensure that websites are always up and running, immune to failure, and safe as a safe?

At Lava, we treat the security and functionality of your websites as if they were a treasure. We choose only the most robust and reliable cloud platforms that scale with your growth and protect data like gold.

Is DevOps just another buzzy technical term, or is it really important?

DevOps is much more than a technical term; it is a vital element. It's the engine that keeps our development and operations teams working in harmony. Think of it like the pit stop team in a Formula 1 race, ensuring everything runs at full speed and without failure.

After all, why does everyone talk so much about UX and UI?

Imagine walking into a store where everything is perfectly arranged and, on top of that, looks stunning. This is what UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) do for your websites. UX is the guide that takes visitors on a pleasant visit through the website, while UI delights the eyes and captivates the heart. Together, they transform casual visitors into loyal fans.

How does Lava maintain organization behind the scenes of projects?

At Lava we adapt to the rhythm of each project using agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban, combined with the structured practices of PMBOK. It's like having a conductor conducting an orchestra, ensuring that each movement is executed perfectly.

What exactly is Scrum at Lava, and why is it so valued?

At Lava, the Scrum methodology is a central piece of our project management approach, inspired by the collaboration and flexibility of a sports team. Projects are segmented into periods called 'sprints', during which the Scrum Master, as a coach, leads and guides the team so that all elements work in tune and effectively.

This method is highly valued for its ability to allow quick adjustments to constantly evolving needs, as well as for promoting constant, team-based delivery of results.