In 2002, five young people dared to dream higher than the mountain and came together to create a group of companies, which they named Grupo Lava.

The areas were distinct. What united them was the creative power and the belief that the internet was the way to overcome the physical barriers of insular living. Music, Image, Projects, and Technology were the names of each of their branches. Thus, Lavaimagem was born.

Over the years and following academic studies, each one followed their path, leaving only Lavaimagem from the initial group.

Now, two decades later, this name, historic in digitization and advertising in the Azores, disappears. The name disappears, but the memory, the past, the experiences, the people, and values remain.

We prefer to look to the future, respecting our origins. And this re-naming moves in this direction, first because it reinforces our pride in our “muse", the Azores; it does not limit us to just one of our skills and simplifies communication with other languages.

This new name also reinforces a change in the agency's strategic positioning, focusing more and more on bigger and further challenges, while offering the regional market solutions adapted to its reality and challenges, strengthening its offer in digital, marketing, and content creation, as well as maintaining its investment in R&D and the emerging startup ecosystem in the Azores.

Above all, we want to bring digitization to everyone, create awareness and share our vision of its benefits; and how engineering and design can collaborate to improve our lives.

Join us on this journey.

“It's that black basalt flows through my veins” – Ilhas de Bruma

Rui Veríssimo, founding partner of Lavaimagem Soluções Digitais Uni. Lda