Cerveja Korisca

Welcome to the exclusive world of Beer Korisca, a prestigious craft brewery in the Azores. This case explores how Lava elevated its visual identity and marketing strategies, boosting sales and reputation. The website highlights the variety of products and rich history that defines Korisca in the craft beer scene.

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Cerveja Korisca, distinguished by its superiority in creating craft beers, was facing critical digital challenges. Its website, with scarce information and difficult navigation, did not reflect the quality of the brand. The lack of a strategic digital presence on social media and adequate digital marketing strategies hurt sales, worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic. A digital revolution was imperative to maintain competitiveness and communicate effectively with customers.


The strategy for Cerveja Korisca focused on renewing its online presence. We started by creating a modern, appealing e-commerce website. We implemented a CRM system to improve customer communication, rejuvenated the brand's visual identity, and optimized the website for search engines. Furthermore, we enhanced the user experience, set up analytical tools and online payment strategies, and professionalized social media presence with targeted paid campaigns. This comprehensive approach equipped Korisca to excel in the digital world and surpass the competition.

Search & Brainstorming

Lava's design team, inspired by the landscapes and culture of the Azores, created a visual identity for Korisca Beer that reflects and celebrates its unique essence. Using vivid and distinct colors associated with each of the nine bottles, the design is remarkably captivating and memorable. Each color and design evoke the unique story and sensation of each beer, offering a rich and immersive visual experience for craft beer enthusiasts.



Wireframes play a crucial role in designing digital interfaces. They constitute graphic sketches that represent the structure of a web page before its final implementation. They are essential for planning the layout of elements and ensuring an intuitive user experience. These simplified representations facilitate collaboration between designers and programmers, identify usability issues, and communicate the project vision to stakeholders before development begins.


Design System

At Lava, each project is seen as unique, requiring a personalized approach to design. With this, we develop exclusive design systems, designed to capture the essence and identity of each project. This process ensures that every detail is considered and has meaning, ensuring that the visual identity not only represents the project but also communicates its uniqueness in an effective and impactful way.

In the case of Cerveja Korisca, our design team delved deeply into the natural wonders and rich culture of the Azores. The stunning landscapes, vibrant colors and unique cultural elements of the Azores served as a primary source of inspiration for our design system.



Our photographic approach at Lava transcended the mere capture of images, becoming a strategic visual storytelling tool. We went beyond high-quality product photography, essential to highlighting the uniqueness of beer on e-commerce channels, and developed captivating visual content for social media, both for organic posts and sponsored campaigns. This effort not only expanded Korisca's digital presence but also strengthened the connection with its audience, highlighting the brand's identity and values ​​in an authentic and impactful way.

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy has elevated Cerveja Korisca to the top of the craft beer market. Preserving a distinct visual identity, we developed an attractive website, maintained a captivating presence on social media, created relevant content, and applied effective SEO optimizations. We implement targeted promotional campaigns and use data analytics to continually refine strategies. As a result, we not only strengthen Korisca's market position, but also expand its consumer base and retain existing customers.